Nadine Skopp

Nadine discovered her passion for the United States during her au pair year in Washington D.C. right after high school. She began her tourism career with an apprenticeship in a travel agency, and subsequent studies at the University of Applied Sciences in the field of Tourism & Economics, from which she graduated with the Diploma of Business Administration in Tourism Management.

During her studies, Nadine spent over six months in Philadelphia to work for the German national carrier Lufthansa at the airport. Her career started in 2007, working for a representation agency based in Frankfurt, counting US tourism boards such as Chicago/Illinois and Philadelphia/Pennsylvania as her clients. During that time she gained comprehensive knowledge of the tourism industry and established a widespread network with tourism trade and industry partners. Nadine joined the Lieb Management team in September 2015 where she started to work on the Visit Florida account as well as Visit North Carolina and Illinois Office of Tourism, and then Brand USA for almost 2 years. She now handles the marketing activities for Visit North Carolina, Visit Seattle and overseas the account for Illinois Office of Tourism.