JD Lorton

On any given day at Aerie’s Resort, you likely won’t find Director of Operations JD Lorton sitting behind a desk. Instead, he’ll be out doing what needs to be done to ensure everyone’s visit to “The Best View in the Midwest” is enjoyable. JD’s tireless dedication to customer satisfaction and his focus on the guest experience sets the bar for all Aerie’s personnel. JD’s experience overseeing Aerie’s growth from a “mom & pop” business to a multi-million-dollar corporation informs his commitment to the growth of tourism in southwestern Illinois.

As Secretary/Treasurer and an Executive Board Member of the Great Rivers & Routes Tourism Bureau Board of Directors, and an Executive Board Member of the Great Rivers Tourism Foundation, JD has a proven track record of cultivating and maintaining excellent working relationships with local, regional, and State entities. He’s been a key player in developing exciting new tourism opportunities in Jersey County and beyond.

The eldest son of Aerie’s owners Jeff and Sandy Lorton and a life-long resident of the Riverbend region, JD and his wife Kerry—Aerie’s Finance and Payroll Manager—make the daily trek together from their home in Calhoun County across the Illinois River to Grafton. Their kids Sophie, DJ, Miles, and Will have all pitched in at the family business as well.