Jamie Clarke

From the 2018 Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals to the heights of the Seven Summits to the peaks of business success, Jamie Clarke draws from his unique position as a winning performance coach and an accomplished adventurer turned acclaimed entrepreneur to help you develop your team, establish your purpose and succeed in any endeavor.

One of a handful of people in the world who have climbed the Seven Summits—including two summits of Mt. Everest—Jamie is the creator of the successful outdoor retail company, LiveOutThere.com, which has been named one of Canada’s fastest growing businesses. Illustrating strong similarities between leading an expedition and an organization, Jamie brings audiences on a unique journey on which he demonstrates the power of teamwork, innovative thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit to conquer any goal. A captivating storyteller with high energy, humor and palpable passion, Jamie’s insights have led companies like IBM, Audi and Kraft to seek out his expertise on leadership, teambuilding and perseverance.

The rare combination of internationally acclaimed adventurer and business CEO, Jamie delivers memorable and relevant takeaways about defining and achieving success, effective leadership in dynamic environments and aligning your team to overcome obstacles. As he challenges participants to consider their own Everest, he inspires them to unleash the drive from within that propels adventurers and business leaders alike to new heights.