Eric Lipp

Eric Lipp, Founder/Executive Director of Open Doors Organization (ODO), founded ODO after experiencing restrictions people with disabilities face in everyday life. He works as an advocate for Part 382 US Air Carrier Access Act expert around the world, representing over 60 domestic and global carriers. He has worked with over 70 airports globally and frequently speaks at travel, tourism and transportation events internationally. He also co-authored the Easy Access Chicago Guide and helped with the building blocks to the accessible landing page at I Love NY.

He is a member of the advisory boards at United, Alaska Airlines, Royal Caribbean, PIT, SEA, MSP, ATL, PDX, TravelAbility as well as Uber and Lyft. He was recently re-appointed to the TSA’s ASAC (Aviation Security Advisory Committee). Eric initiated the groundbreaking 2002, 2005, 2015 & 2020 ODO/Harris Poll Studies on Travelers with Disabilities and works on access across all sectors of travel, tourism and transportation.