Look Your Best at the Conference: What to Wear & Bring

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Worried about what to wear at this year’s Conference? Digging through your closet for those perfect conference duds? Fret not, my friends. This special update sponsored by The Magnificent Mile has all the details on what to wear and when to wear it at the 2016 Illinois Governor’s Conference on Travel and Tourism.

Conference Wardrobe Essentials

Monday evening treats us to the Presidential Dinner in honor of the Illinois Excellence in Tourism Awards. So as you would expect from a title like “The Presidential Dinner,” its primed to be a pretty fancy affair. Here are the do’s and don’ts for your awards dinner draperies.
What to Wear – Formal Attire: Slim-cut herringbone tweed suit, timeless black dress… it’s all fair game. Not feeling the tie? No worries – it’s optional.
What Not to Wear: Jeans, tank tops, obligatory tuxedo t-shirt or that prom dress from the 90’s you have saved in the back of your closet.

Breakout and general sessions fill the morning with the Tourism Luncheon in the afternoon. Closing out the night is our evening’s networking event, The Presidential Reception, hosted by the Old State Capitol Building. With a packed day like Tuesday, the name of the game is Business Comfortable.
What to Wear – Business Comfortable: Unlike the cryptic “business casual” (Is it slacks and a polo? Is the blazer optional?), business comfortable is all about dressing for success without feeling like you’re in a 12-hour sales meeting. Sport coats, blazers, comfy slacks, shoe inserts, you get the picture.
What Not to Wear – Shorts, flip flops, your favorite Ramones t-shirt (you can wear it under your button up – we won’t tell.)

Wednesday (Half Day)
It’s the last day of the Conference! You made it. We made it. We’re all exhausted. Name of the game here: Business Extra-Comfortable
What to Wear – Business Comfortable. All the same as Tuesday, but with a little extra comfort. Go ahead, experiment with a polo – no one will notice.
What Not to Wear – It’s been a long three days – follow your heart.

What to bring:

  • Print out this newsletter so you can come prepared!
  • Business cards
  • Creative black tie, business casual and casual attire
  • Notebook, writing utensils
  • Device chargers
  • Travel tickets
  • Program book, Governor’s Conference bag, name badge (given at registration)
  • Extra print-out of Conference schedule, just in case!
  • Heavy coat for outdoor travel
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Presenting materials and notes (for all speakers, moderators, presenters, exhibitors and emcees)
  • Toiletries
  • Computer/tablet
  • Travel mug (good for that much-needed early morning coffee!)
  • Photo ID, medical insurance card

Looking forward to a great conference!