Zach Goodwin

Zach Goodwin is the Executive Creative Director at ISL, a full-service
digital creative agency, and a J. Walter Thompson company. He leads an
eclectic, multidisciplinary creative team that crosses mediums in pursuit of
powerful brand experiences. As a partner and ISL’s founding creative, Zach
has shaped the work and the voice of agency since 2008.

Campaigns that straddle the digital-and-physical world, and blur the lines
between advertising and experience have become a specialty. In 2016, his
“Debt Deletion” campaign for NBC Universal’s Mr. Robot took home a
Cannes Lion with a three-day interactive livestream on the emerging
platform Twitch. Also in 2016, Zach led the production of Lockheed Martin’s
“Field Trip to Mars” VR experience, which was the single most awarded
project at Cannes that year. In 2017, he introduced North America to Tim
Horton’s new latte, and launched a radical new credit card for Capital One.

Over his career, he has led and produced vibrant, thoughtful work for
Volkswagen, Kroger, Dramamine, 19 Crimes, MillerCoors, Glenfiddich and
Dannon among others.