Tim Chapman

Tim is a creative powerhouse who consistently turns out great design with a standout edge. With 15 years’ experience in design and advertising in Australia, the US, the UK and New Zealand, Tim’s extensive international brand experience includes The Magnificent Mile, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Cal Berkeley, Red Bull, Crocs, Hennessy Cognac, U.S. Army, Breyers Ice Cream, Degree, Red Cross, Unilever, John Hancock Observatory and many others.

Tim’s down-to-earth ego free approach is refreshing in an industry rife with creative prima donnas. We’ve been hounding Tim for weeks to tell us what’s special about the way he works. Every time we ask, he looks at us astonished and says, ‘I get the job done.”

Tim’s attention to detail, combined with intense creativity makes for work that is always fresh, always engaging and always well considered. He’d cringe at the cliché, but his work embodies intelligent design.