Janet Hall

Founding Partner of Destination Better, and former sustainability team member for Apple and Xerox

Janet Hall is a graduate of the University of South Florida College of Business, Finance. Her experience with public sector organizations, medium and global corporations provided the insight foundational to Destination Better. Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, Destination Better works with local and global companies and destination organizations to enhance their profitability and brand by identifying social, environmental and innovation risks and opportunities. As a self-described “input” geek and system re-thinker, she guides public and private sector organizations to see their futures differently: to leverage change, mitigate risk and define opportunities to balance the social, environmental and economic impacts of their operations for better brand and increased profitability. As Chair of the St Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce Sustainability Task Force, Chamber Smart Business Working Group, Janet assists local businesses by applying the principles of Sustainability in travel and tourism to attract visitors and increase revenue and profitability. In her session, attendees will understand the business case, organization-specific insight and guidance, to drive the Sustainable Traveler (who travels more frequently, spends more, stays longer and brings more guests) to Illinois businesses. More about Janet at www.DestinationBetter.com.