Fred Meyer

Digital Strategist, Copywriter, MCD Marketing

“My mind rebels at stagnation.” This quote from Arthur Conan Doyle’s renowned detective could very well serve as Fred’s mantra. He divides his time at McD between developing digital advertising campaigns and developing concepts with the creative team. In that time he’s actively managed digital programs for tourism clients of all sizes and scales. Before landing at McD, he’s spent the last two decades actively involved in website development, database administration, market research, and even brand consultation for Hasbro, a Fortune 500 company.

It is Fred’s belief that a small budget shouldn’t be seen as a limitation. Instead, it’s a challenge to find the most cost-effective solution that will provide the best results to each client. There is no cookie cutter solution—no magic bullet that cure all advertising woes. Instead, his focus is on crafting custom programs that fit the scope of the client’s aspirations and yet still fits within the scale of the budget.

When he’s not working on client programs, he’s actively engaged in content creation for his personal hobby website and its social media presence with a goal of doubling its audience each year.